Our Story!

Pony Rides R Us! provide clean, well behaved ponies for pony rides which are hand led by a cheerful pony walker. A Parent or a helper always walks along side young children for safety, which is always our main concern. Our Farm Critters include silky Chickens, miniature ducks, mimi goats, a rabbit, sheep if weather not too hot, and sometimes a mini horse and/or a turkey!

Pony Rides R Us! started about 25 years ago in western New york. My late husband, Bob, was a Horse Trader and as the amount of animals grew we thought it would be a nice touch to bring our ponies and some friendly farm animals to birthday parties and other events. We also specialized in visiting pre-schools and primary schools. With the love and interest the children have in the animals, we coined the phrase to “walk a mile in their hooves!”, which lead us to begin our Edu-Fun program. This gave the kids an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the animals so that they and the animals could enjoy their time together.

Our cowpokes who accompany the animals are friendly and informative. Our season lasts as long as someone needs us, and we transport the animal crew to halloween and fall festivals as well as Christmas manger scenes. Pony Rides R Us! Pony Rides and Farm Critter is a fun job for Professional Kids such as myself and my ranch hands as we enjoy the smiles and love our work! Remember, No party too Big or Too Small!!!